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Web Application Development is on the boom; thanks to the rise of the overall usage of Internet.  Today, more and more people are using computers and the Internet than ever before. And, getting customized applications designed and developed can be a great way to make things automated in your business.

For any type of web application, you can check out what Crocus InfoTech has to offer to its clients. Web applications have become a part and parcel of our lives, and if you’re looking forward to create a web app developed, then we’re definitely the right choice. Checkout our web application design development process:

We basically create the web application 6-7 different steps with each step carrying its own weightage:

1.      Planning the Web App Structure

For any web application, structure plays the most significant role. Without getting too much into technicalities, a simple web application can be designed using two-tier architecture in which a client directly communicates with the server. For complex web application, we use advanced architecture methods too.

2.      Creating a New Project

Then we create a new project in the Integrated Development Environment before beginning to work. During this step, we ensure we have all the necessary requirements and the new project in the IDE is created that can provide us with a platform to build the web application.

3.      Preparing the Web Interface

The next obvious step is to come up with a web interface for the users. We usually begin with the welcome and response pages. Web interface is extremely important in the overall web app development process; so our team of web application developers do ensure that the interface is beautiful, engaging and helpful to the users.

4.      Linking Application to the Database

After the third step, the hardcore starts and we connect the link application and the database. Once this step is completed, we’ll have an excellent platform for the entire development of the application. Then we perform steps like adding dynamic logic, running the completed application and then finally testing, troubleshooting it if required.   

As soon as these are done, the web application is completely ready.

Now, we don’t end there. Once the application is done, we provide all the login credentials to the clients and access to the clients.  Our clients run the application; use it to see its effectiveness. If there are any changes to be made, we also do that. We keep our clients in the loop throughout application development process.

Based on the client requirements, we create web apps that are compatible with windows as well as Mac OS.  And, regardless of what Operating System we create the Web App for, it will just work smoothly. The web apps that we create won’t crash unnecessarily.

Web Application Development at Crocus InfoTech is an extremely simple procedure. That’s how we have made it. If you’re looking for an appealing, technically sound and useful web app for the users, then reach out to Crocus InfoTech today! We, with our windows application developer team would be happy to help you with it!

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